American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association
  History and Background

The mission of the American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association is to provide a dynamic national and international forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists to enhance their contributions to health. We offer timely scientific programs, ongoing education, opportunities for networking, and professional development. Founded in 1987, ACPA is an individual membership society composed of pharmaceutical scientists who have joined together to serve both society and their own common professional interests.

The purpose of ACPA is to serve its membership, the pharmaceutical sciences, the biomedical and biotechnological community, the health professions, and the interest of public health. This is accomplished by providing open forums for the exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge; by fostering the education and career growth of members and recognizing individual achievement; by influencing the formation of public policy relevant to health and related issues of public concern; and, by promoting the pharmaceutical sciences as they relate to health issues of public concern. Through its Annual Meetings, through its conferences, workshops and symposia, through its on-line initiatives, ACPA continues to offer vital benefits to the pharmaceutical scientists who constitute its membership.

Membership is open to any individual who supports the objectives of the association and is willing to contribute to the achievement of these objectives. As such, members come from industry, academia, government, and private institutions. They are engaged in the discovery, design, development, analysis, production, quality control, safety, clinical evaluation, registration, distribution and utilization of drugs and drug delivery systems.

Toward fulfillment of its primary purpose, ACPA recognizes its responsibility to support and encourage high standards of education for pharmaceutical scientists and to actively participate in the international scientific community.

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